October 2, 2017

10.01 Team Eblast

Home Event Pre-assignment & Home Event Reg l PTC Training l Open Site Locations

Home event pre-assignments can be viewed on the FIRST in Michigan FTC Team List.

Note that FTC event registrations are done at the local level (with FIRST in Michigan) so teams won't see their confirmed events listed on their Team Dashboard, only on the above linked FIRST in Michigan team list. 

Home event pre-assignments did not include a Detroit FTC Qualifier in the assignment process. If a Detroit FTC Qualifier comes on board, it will be opened up for 2nd event registration.

The Dearborn/Canton/Novi/Kentwood Qualifier "home teams" outnumbered the number of available event slots at these events so assignment was made to the next closest event and so on, as space allowed. 

The Home Event registration form will now be emailed to the Coach/Mentor 1 & 2 of each team by 8am on Tuesday, 10/03/2017. Please only one form submission per team.

The link to register is listed here (link will not be activated until 8am on 10/03/2017.

The MI FTC Team List contains the list of Home Event pre-assignments. The form will give teams the option to keep their assigned Home Event or to opt-out and provide alternative choices. Note that teams opting out of their pre-assigned Home Event must provide 3 alternative choices as the only guaranteed spots, at this point, will be to teams keeping their home event

If you don't see your 2017-2018 registered middle school FTC team on the MI FTC Team List, please email michiganftc@gmail.com with your team number in the subject line of the note.  Note that teams must have completed the 2017-2018 season registration process and have a permanent team number in order to be confirmed for a spot at an event.

Participation in a FiM FTC official qualifier is a requirement of all grants - FIRST FTC/FiM FTC/MDE/ Sponsor specific. Participation in a 2nd qualifier (reg for this later) is optional but highly encouraged. Teams learn a TON at their first event and a 2nd provides the chance to apply this newfound knowledge!

Visit the 2017-2018 Event Process for a list of qualifiers and their dates as well as the event registration procedures and timeline. 

From the desk of John Kuza, FRC 2834. 
Many of you that attended the FTC kickoff PTC workshop on Sep 9th have asked for a follow up CAD workshop that teaches how to use PTC Creo 4.0.  We are excited to announce that the Bionic Blackhawks FRC team 2834 will be hosting a three hour "How to Use PTC Creo 4.0" workshop on Wed Oct 4th  from 4-7 PM.

The workshop will be held at Bloomfield Hills High School located at 4200 Andover Rd., Bloomfield Hills MI 48302.  Please park in the parking lot off of Andover Rd across the street from the high school main entrance.  You will be greeted once you come in the main entrance and provided directions to the workshop classroom.

The workshop is for anyone interested in learning PTC Creo 4.0 which includes any interested adult mentors.  Here some of the benefits on why Mentors or Team Members should attend.
  1. Learn how to design different components for the teams robot to better understand how the parts will come together.
  2.  Practice designing this seasons robot so that you can get a better start for next season.
  3. Gives an opportunity for team members to contribute to the team in a different way if too many programmers on the team.
  4. Helps fulfill some of requirements for any grants that may be available through PTC.
  5. The workshop will help with adding content to teams engineering notebook.
Plan on bringing your own laptop with PTC Creo 4.0 School Edition (see attached instructions) already installed so that everyone is ready to start using the program at the beginning of the workshop.
Please reply to me (John Kuza) by Mon Oct 2nd on how many will be attending from your team along with team name and number.  There will be No concessions provided so make sure to bring your own water and NUT FREE Snacks. Contact: John Kuza, john.kuza@yahoo.com248-420-0027

Information on FTC open field access sites across the state is posted here:   http://michiganftc.blogspot.com/2017/09/open-ftc-field-sites.html#more. These sites provide the opportunity for teams to test/practice/scrimmage on an official FIRST Relic Recovery set of game elements.

Majority of the open fields will be available to teams through the end of October until they are needed for use as official competition fields. If you have a field that you're willing to open up to teams, please send the information on days/times/sign up to michiganftc@gmail.com.

Thank you to our FTC field hosts for making this valuable resource available to our teams!