August 14, 2016

Team Eblast 2016.08.14

August 14, 2016
FTC Kickoff Events
FTC Kickoff is right around the corner on Sept. 10, 2016! It is an online release accessible from the FIRST FTC (national) website:

There will be several FTC kickoff events around our state with more cropping up every day! Visit the FIRST in Michigan FTC website under FTC Events>2015-2016 Events and scroll down to the bottom of the page to Off Season Events. Direct link: Check the Off Season site page for updates and additions: All events listed below will include a Game Reveal of the new season's game that teams can see, touch, measure, take pictures, etc. Note that Game Reveals cannot be unveiled before 12:00pm on Sept. 10th. Some events include workshops with multiple sessions and others are half day. Visit the linked information for a particular event for specifics about it's roll out. 

Teams participating at kickoff workshops should bring their Kit of Parts, tools, and team laptop with software loaded in order to make best use of their time at these events. So, it’s important to start the team registration process, apply for the FIRST FTC (national) Team Grant and receive an award decision, then pay your team’s FIRST FTC registration fee and order your parts. Don't forget to tell you team member's families to save the date!

Information & Registration
September 10, 2016
FTC 2016-2017 Kickoff Events
At Kettering University, Flint
At GVSU, Grand Rapids
At Freeland Elementary, Freeland
RSVP to event contact

FIRST Robotics on "The Fosters" - Monday, Aug. 15th, 8pm
Check out Monday, Aug. 15th episode of the "The Fosters" which features a plot line with a FIRST Robotics (FRC) Competition! For more information, visit Frank Merrick's (Director of FRC) blog spot:

Season Information Links:

Archived Eblasts
In case your team has just joined us or perhaps can't find FIRST FTC's latest eblast in your Inbox: here is the link to the FIRST FTC team email archives:

FIRST in Michigan FTC archived eblasts can be found on the Announcements blog linked to the landing page of the FIRST in Michigan FTC site. Remember that only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and Coach/Mentor 2 for each team receive the FIRST FTC national and FIRST in Michigan FTC eblasts. Please share pertinent information with your team members and their families!

Go Teams!