August 14, 2016

Team Eblast 2016.07.27

July 27, 2017 Team Eblast
A few updates on the upcoming season:

The "Equipment" doc addresses the 2015-2016 Core Modules firmware update. Note that the core module firmware update does not apply to this year's FTC Storefront Electronics Modules & Sensors set as those modules will have the update. It also addresses the retirement of the ZTE Speed phones (still supported for the 2016-2017 FTC season) and the inclusion of the Moto G phones in the FTC Kit of Parts. 

The "Grant" document is work-in-progress as the FiM FTC grants have not yet been finalized. We should have a solid package in place mid-August. 

Teams in a 25 mile radius of the Alcoa Howmet location - make sure you check out their FTC team grant which closes on Aug. 17!

Java Workshops in August
See the attached flyer for a multi-level Java workshop to be held at Kettering University on consecutive Tuesdays beginning Aug. 9. Please RSVP directly to the contact person for the workshops, Jennifer Malson ( to sign up or request additional information. 

FTC 2016-2017 Season Kickoff
The 2016-2017 FTC season kick off will be on Saturday, September 10, 2016! The season's game will be released at 12pm on the FIRST FTC (national) game page of the FIRST website: will be kickoff events in various locations around the state (like Kettering Univ., GVSU, Detroit, and more!). These events usually include workshops (build, electrical, programming, PTC CAD training, judging tips, etc.) along with tons of networking opportunities. Some events will feature a fully outfitted REVEAL of the season’s game!  

Teams participating at kickoff workshops should bring their Kit of Parts, tools, and team laptop with software loaded in order to make best use of their time at these events. So, it’s important to start the team registration process, apply for the FIRST FTC (national) Team Grant and receive an award decision, then pay your team’s FIRST FTC registration fee and order your parts. Don't forget to tell you team member's families to save the date!

AndyMark Game Element Pre-Orders
AndyMark is now accepting pre-orders for game and field elements. Check out FIRST FTC's blog post for pricing and product information. 

As our intrepid teams have likely noticed - it has been made evident that there will be 4 beacons in this season's game. There is an upgrade kit that can be purchased from AndyMark.  PLEASE NOTE: FiM FTC will be purchasing a few Beacon Programmer Tools that will be available at some of our Kickoff events and  team host sites around the state. . Teams will be able to bring their beacons to one of these sites for the firmware update at no cost.

FTC Game Manual I has been released!
Game Manual I has been published. Great summer reading for teams, mentors and volunteers. I've been told you can "read between the lines for game hints" - but so far they are eluding me!

Software Updates
For the 2016-2017 season, the FIRST Tech Challenge software development kit (FTC SDK) will require that users upgrade to Android Studio 2.1x. Users who have upgraded to the newer 2.1x version of Android Studio can download a "beta" version of the FIRST Tech Challenge SDK and test it using the newer version 2.1x Android Studio software. The beta version of the FIRST Tech Challenge SDK can be found here: If you have questions about the new technology please visit the FIRST FTC Technology Forum.

FIRST FTC Email Blast Archives
In case your team has just joined us or perhaps can't find FIRST FTC's latest eblast in your Inbox: here is the link to the FIRST FTCTeam Email Blasts: