December 4, 2012

Event Fees & Fundraising Tips

Event fees for this season are as follows:
  • Qualifiers:  $75 per team
  • Championships:  $100 per team

Hosts will inform teams participating at their events how to remit payment.  This information is also posted on each event's site page on the FIRST in MI FTC website.

Event fees are not associated in any way with the FIRST Registration fee ($275) paid when a team registers for the season.  Our event hosts use the fees to help offset the cost of event expenses and often must do extra fundraising in order to cover all event related expenses
Thank you to Debbie May, coach of Bedford Express FRC Team 1023, for sharing one of her team's fundraising ideas with us.  Fundraising Tip.  Does your team have a fundraising tip they'd like to share?  Email it to and we'll add it to the list!