August 21, 2018

08.21 Team Eblast

MDE Grant l Arconic Grant l Kickoff l Leagues l Season Reg.

The MDE FIRST Robotics State Grant is now open for application. The State set aside $3 million of a $3.5 million robotics grant JUST for FIRST teams! Please review this linked letter about the MDE FIRST Robotics State Grant for news and info on the grant, including key dates. Be sure to share it with your school administrators!   
  • Please remember that ALL of your FIRST teams, from FLL Jr through FRC, go on one single application 
  • Be sure to wait until ALL of your teams are registered and included on the application before submitting. 
Highlights for FTC teams:
  • Increased coach stipend to $1,500, cap of one per building. 
  • Increased rookie team grant to $1,000; veteran team grant remains at $300 
There is a technical assistance webinar today at 1pm and a repeat webinar tomorrow (8/22) at 1pm that will go over grant requirements and the application process (access info in letter). The webinars will be recorded and available for later viewing.

The Arconic grant is now accepting applications. This grant will close on Sept. 10th. FTC teams within a 25 mile radius of an Arconic location (Farmington Hills or Whitehall) are eligible to apply for a $1,000 rookie team grant or $500 veteran team grant. For more information on grant requirements and application procedures: Arconic Grant.

Kickoff event locations: 2018-19 FiM FTC Kickoff Events.

These events are open for sign up, which is done directly with the event. All kickoff events are on Sept. 8th and are free. Please direct questions on a particular event to the contact listed on the linked Kickoff Events document. The game reveal time is 12pm (noon).

The 2018-19 FTC season kickoff will be on September 8, 2018 with the reveal of the ROVER RUCKUS game! The "must read" Game Manual 1 has been published. All kickoff events will feature a game reveal i.e. ROVER RUCKUS game elements on display. Many will also include workshops so it's key that your team completes their season registration and has their parts in hand before Sept. 8th. Kickoff events provide a great chance to network with area teams, pick up some new skills, hone some old ones, and see the season's game up close and personal!

ROVER RUCKUS game elements (FTC official perimeter and Soft Tile mats as well) can be ordered from AndyMark, an official FIRST vendor. There are full and half field options.There is a low cost perimeter option that teams can build. For teams that pre-ordered game elements from AndyMark.

If your FTC team is affiliated with an Oakland County public school, there is the opportunity for your team to be a part of the OCCRA (Oakland County Competitive Robotics Assoc.) middle school FTC league pilot.

League teams will be able to compete in 3 league meets (at least 10 matches overall) and 1 league tournament (like a qualifier). Teams can earn an advancement spot to the MI FTC State Championship from the league tournament. Cost to participate is anticipated to be around $150, less than participating in two qualifiers.

One team (rookie or veteran) from a given Oakland County public school is eligible to be in the league. Fill out this form if your team is interested in participating in the league structure. OCCRA League Team Interest.

New Teams
Registration instructions for Rookie Teams; follow the instructions (with screenshots) starting with Create a FIRST Account (if needed) up to Enter the Storefront. Do NOT pay for anything at this point! Your team should have a temporary team number which begins with “2018”.

Next step, is to apply for the FIRST FTC (national) rookie team grant (see below linked grant doc) and wait to receive an award decision BEFORE paying for anything.
Veteran Teams
Registration instructions for Veteran Teams.
Remember that FTC team numbers (and the FTC Kit of Parts) are retained from year to year. Register your returning team using your same veteran team number. Visit the MI FTC Team List for all 2017-18 team numbers.
All Teams
  • 2nd QUALIFIER: Teams that complete their season registration before September 8, 2018 will have the opportunity to compete in two qualifiers in the 2018-19 regular season qualifier event structure. The FIRST system date/time stamps all team registrations. 
  • AFFILIATION: It is important for teams that are affiliated with a middle school or youth enrichment 501c3 type of organization to include this affiliation as part of their "Team Name" on the FIRST registration system. This is key for eligibility for certain grants. 
  • TEAM SIZE: FTC team size is capped at 15 team members. 
  • TEAM CORRESPONDENCE: A team will need to register with FIRST FTC (national) in order to be included in season correspondence from FIRST FTC (national) and FIRST in Michigan FTC and to participate in official events. Only the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 and 2 of the team will receive program information via eblasts. Be sure to pass along key information to team members, mentors, families. 
  • UPDATE TEAM CONTACTS: If you are no longer holding a key role for the team (Team Admin, Coach/Mentor 1 or 2), please be sure to invite your replacement which can be done via your FIRST account. This will ensure that the new team contacts are receiving all communications
Your district (or school, if not part of a district) cannot apply until your team is registered for the season, so please get registered right away.