May 30, 2018

05.30 Team Eblast

SCHECHS l MDE States Advancement Award l 2018-19 FTC Season Reg is OPEN
Michigan Department of Education recognizes coaching or mentoring a FIRST team as a great way to advance your career in Robotics and Computer Science Education. To encourage educators to get more involved with FIRST, MDE offers SCHECHS (State Continuing Education Clock Hours)  to those who volunteer their time and talent.
All of the FIRST programs are eligible for SCHECHs.​

This email is a reminder that the deadline for SCHECH logs is May 31. All information can be found 

The process can be broken up into simple steps:

Fill out this google form: 

Make sure to use the e-mail address that you use to access MOECS (the same one that is listed in the secure central registry) 

The log can be downloaded and modified here:

The excel spreadsheet can be easily converted to a google sheet and renamed. You do not need to create multiple sheets for service to multiple teams. Adding your last name to the beginning of the name of the sheet will make things easier for those reviewing your hours.

​3. ​Submit the log for consideration: 
Send your completed log to Becky Wartella at

We hope you can make the most of this incentive, and we ask that you spread the word to other educators working with FIRST but you must hurry as the log must be submitted by May 31. FIRST emails generally only reach listed coaches, so if you have a teacher working on your team as a mentor, please pass on the information.

If you have any questions, you may contact Amanda Gibbons at or Amanda Stoel at at the MDE

Thank you for your commitment to our students and STEM initiatives.

MDE GRANT - States Advancement Award
FIRST Tech Challenge teams awarded the Michigan Dept. of Education (MDE) FIRST Robotics grant that qualified for and competed at the 2017-2018 FIRST in Michigan FTC State Championship will receive a $100 states advancement award payout. This payout is made directly to the school as part of the school's monthly state aid payment. Please connect directly with your school or district on how to access the awarded funds. MDE FIRST Robotics grant info and recipient lists can be found at

There will not be any other FTC advancement tier award payout this season as part of this grant i.e. North Super Regional or FIRST Championship.

MDE FIRST Robotics Grant - States Advancement Awards (across programs):
  • FRC =  $1,000 
  • FTC =  $   100  
  • FLL  =  $     50
2018-19 FTC Season Reg is OPEN
For information on registering your veteran team or forming a new middle school FTC team:

Veterans - remember to register using your existing team number. MI FTC Team List

Rookies - start the team reg process but don't pay for anything until applying for the FIRST FTC national Rookie Team Grant. Apply for this grant using your temporary team number which starts with "2018". See the blog link above for details on applying for this grant.

Grant note: Rookie teams are only eligible for grants when the existing team(s) out of the same school/organization are registered for the 2018-19 season. The intent of the grant funding is to assist a new team with their initial start up costs (FTC registration fee and reusable kit of parts). Team members and mentors may move through the program but the team number and kit of parts stays with the school/organization for reuse year to year.