February 15, 2018

02.15.18 Team Eblast

02.15.18 Team Eblast
FIRST FTC Championship Wait List
Don't forget to submit your 2018 FIRST FTC Championship Wait List lottery bid!  Teams can apply for the wait list through the team dashboard at firstinspires.orgThe wait list will be open until February 16th at noon. That is tomorrow! To learn more about this opportunity, visit the FTC Blog.

FTC Certificate of Participation
2017-2018 FTC Certificate of Participation is linked (editable pdf) which can be customized for your team members in recognition of their participation in the FIRST Relic Recovery season. 

Spring Events
There are currently 3 spring FTC events in the works:
  • Canton - 5/12 (est)
  • Vassar  - 5/12
  • Iron Mountain -5/12
We could use a 5/19 event on the west side of the state. Hosting a spring event is WAY more relaxed than regular season (no advancement component) and a great way to test out the hosting experience. The $100 event fee comprises the host budget and proceeds from concessions are 100% retained by the host. Email michiganftc@gmail with your interest!

Event registration: A spring event registration form will be emailed to the lead coach/mentor 1 and 2 for each team. Priority will go to teams that still need to compete for the first time in the 2017-19 season so they can check the box for their grant requirements. Next in line will be classroom based teams that repopulated for the second semester. Remaining spring event spots will then open up on a first come-first served basis for any interested teams. The form will be sent out at the end of February as I'm hoping that 5/19 west event will come on board!

As FTC event registration is done at the local level, with FIRST in Michigan, teams will not see their confirmed events listed on their Team Dashboard.

Spring events will play the FIRST Relic Recovery game. The game animation and other game specific info is available on the FIRST FTC national website: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc/game-and-season. For teams wishing to purchase game elements for practice purposes, FIRST Relic Recovery game elements (FTC official perimeter and Soft Tile mats as well) can be ordered from AndyMark, an official FIRST vendor. There is also a low cost perimeter option that teams can build. Game elements can be purchase in quarter, half, or full field bundles. 

FIRST FTC Jump Start Grant

If you're thinking of starting an additional FTC team at your school, know of a school looking to start a team, or have a FLL team ready to make the leap to FTC:

FIRST FTC national is offering the FTC Jumpstart Grant for eligible newly forming FTC teams. This grant covers a team's 2018-2019 (next season's) FTC registration fee of $275. Teams must be registered  by March 30th. 

There are a series of grants that work together to make the 2017-18 FTC season registration and the kit of parts totally free!

FIRST FTC national has a needs based team grant that your new FTC could be eligible to receive. That grant covers the team's 2017-2018 (this season's) FTC registration fee of $275 and applies $275 towards the teams kit of parts purchase made through the FTC Storefront (only). So, $550 in funding. Teams must apply for this grant before paying any funds through the FTC Storefront. FIRST FTC national grant awards can only be applied directly through the FTC Storefront.

The FIRST in Michigan (FiM) FTC rookie team grant will then work with the FIRST FTC national grant.so that a team's initial start up costs (registration fee and kit of parts) are free! This grant will cover whatever the FIRST FTC national grant does not i.e. $1,300 reg fee + parts - $550 FIRST FTC nat'l grant = $750 FiM FTC Rookie Team grant award. The FiM FTC Rookie Team grant is a reimbursement style grant. If it presents a hardship for the team to front the funds and await reimbursement, let me know and alternative arrangements can be made.

Teams accepting the FIRST in Michigan Rookie Team Grant will have to compete in a spring event as participation in a sanctioned FIRST in Michigan FTC competition is a requirement of the grant.

Steps to follow to apply for these grants can be found at this linked doc: FiM FTC Grants and Application Procedures

FIRST Championship - Detroit
Teams have been asking about information about the FIRST Championship in Detroit, April 25-28, 2018.  FIRST has a micro site dedicated to the event: https://www.firstchampionship.org/detroit-home. Info on schedules, volunteering, attractions, etc. is available on this site.

Quick Start Resources
Amazing team resources developed by area FRC/FTC teams:

These tools are a great way for a team to learn the platform. Put Pushbot on a FIRST Relic Recovery field and see what it can/can't do and watch the innovation begin!

Program InformationMore docs to help you get rolling
2017-2018 FiM FTC Team Start Up Guide: Addresses many FAQs. Note that some of the grant info on page 4 is applicable to the fall season.
2017-2018 FTC Team Reg/Grants/Equipment: Steps to register a team for the season, how to order parts, etc.
FTC CurriculumThis free curriculum can  be used as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to areas where the team needs extra support. 
FiM FTC Blog: archived team eblasts from FIRST in Michigan

Any questions, let me know!