March 25, 2017

03.17.17 Team Eblast

We have two FIRST in Michigan FTC spring events on the docket: Agendas and Event Information are updated often. Please bookmark and check back often.

May 5-6, 2017
Vassar Middle/High High School
220 Athletic Street
Vassar, MI 48768

May 12-13, 2017
McCollough Unis Middle School
7801 Maple St.
Dearborn, MI 48126

These events will soon be added to the FIRST in Michigan website.

Event Registration
Thank you to our spring event hosts for making these competitions possible!

In the ensuing week, teams should check with team members as to availability in order to decide which spring event works for them. Team registration will be done via a google form sent to the Lead Mentor 1 & 2 for each registered FIRST in Michigan FTC team on March 23rd at 8am. Teams that did not compete in the FIRST in Michigan FTC regular season (and still need to "check the competition box" for grant requirements) will get first shot at spring event spots. Next, will be "2nd semester" teams i.e. classroom based teams repopulated post regular season, followed by teams that competed in the regular season. It is anticipated that there will be open spots for all that wish to compete!

It's important to register as soon as the form goes out as entries are date/time stamped and each order of assignment category will use those attributes as a factor.

Volunteers Needed
Our spring event are set up in the FIRST Volunteer Information and Management System (VIMS) and ready to welcome volunteers! Spring is great time to try on a volunteer role and see how it fits. We are looking for Judges, Inspectors, FTAs, CSAs, Scorekeepers - no better way to get a glimpse "behind the scenes". VIMS link signup:

If you're a transitioning FLL to FTC team OR thinking of adding a 2nd team at your school OR just starting a team for the 2017-18 season - sign up NOW and take advantage of the FIRST FTC (HQ) Jump Start Grant:

This grant will cover your newly forming team's FIRST FTC 2017-2018 registration fee of $275 when the season opens in September. Plus, the FIRST in Michigan (FiM) FTC will cover the team's kit of parts per our rookie grant! Note: teams that purchase their kit of parts and submit for the FiM FTC rookie team grant before 4/15/2017 will be required to compete in a spring event per FiM FTC grant requirements as competition in the season's year is a grant requirement. 

Per FIRST FTC (HQ) it is anticipated that a 2017-2018 FTC Team Grant, similar to last season's grant will be offered. For rookies, this grant covered the team's $275 FIRST FTC Team Registration Fee and applied $450 towards the team's kit of parts purchase. 

As of now, the 2017-2018 FIRST in Michigan FTC Rookie Team Grant amount is not known but it is anticipated to be similar to last season where teams will need to apply for the FIRST FTC (HQ) grant with the FiM FTC grant working to offset the difference. FiM FTC grants cannot be paid to individuals; teams must be affiliated with a school or other 501c3 organization. This statement does not constitute a guarantee of funding.

For teams affiliated with publicly funding schools/charters/academies: The MDE State Grant for FIRST Robotics is a line item in the 2017-2018 Executive Budget and going through the approval processes in the House and Senate. For more information:

Info on Starting a FIRST in Michigan Middle School FTC Team
FIRST Tech Challenge is a middle school only program in Michigan. We'd love to have your team on board! For specifics on starting a team, please visit:

FIRST in Michigan High School FRC Competitions
FIRST in Michigan high school FRC season is in full swing! Have your team check out a competition near you and show them the exciting world that lies ahead! Our FTC team members hit the ground running when they join FRC - their tool, design, build, programming, and outreach skills allow them to contribute from day one. And, don't forget to mention the over $50 million in FIRST scholarships!

Many of our FTC grant sponsors are also FRC sponsors. Visit with them at the FiM FRC State Championship and tell them why their investment in our program is so important! New venue this season: SVSU in Saginaw!

Good Luck to our FiM North Super Regional Teams
A shout out to our FIRST in Michigan FTC teams who will be competing at the FTC North Super Regional in Iowa on Thursday, March 30- Saturday, April 1, 2017. The Super Regional will be held at the US Cellular Center/DoubleTree Convention Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  There will be a live stream but links are not yet published. Visit the FTC North Super Regional website for more info: Good luck teams and we'll be rooting for you!

Go Teams!